The Renewable Heat Incentive

Businesses generating heat from renewable sources can now claim money through a groundbreaking scheme to encourage more people to install green technology.

The UK government offers financial support for the use of renewable heat technologies in the industrial, commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors. 

The £860M Renewable Heat Incentive - or RHI - was launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 28th November 2011.  It is administered by the energy regulator Ofgem.  Ofgem has produced a simple guide to RHI and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions

Biomass boilers installed and commissioned after July 2009 qualify for this 20 year incentive. The Renewable Heat Incentive is first of its kind in the world.  Its aim is to rapidly increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies and it is hoped the scheme will deliver a 10 fold increase in the production of renewable heat. Click here for an overview of how to apply from Ofgem.

Phase 2, the domestic sector scheme, will support householders.  The scheme is nearing the end of the consultation phase and should  be ready to go live by summer 2013 in conjunction with the Green Deal home energy efficiency scheme. In the meantime you can read the proposals here.

A full guide to the Renewable Heat Incentive is available to download from the DECC website here.


09 July 2013

per kWHper Year
Woodfuel - Logs£0.023£690
Woodfuel - Pellets£0.054£1620
Woodfuel - Chips£0.023£690
Oil - Kerosene£0.067£2010
this is based on...

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